Sperry Topsiders on Zulily

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My absolute favorite Sperry Topsider style is on Zulily.com right now. Run. Seriously run over there right now. 

They look like a regular tennis shoe, but the secret about them is… they are a water shoe! 

I wear them in the summer with no socks while on the boat and fishing. The water runs out quickly and they dry out really fast. The slip resistant bottom makes me feel like I can move around on the boat while crabbing.

I have worn them everyday during the weekends since early summer with ease. I have also attached some pictures of other styles that are available during the sale.

Before buying, here is a little tip on saving on shipping. Only add one item to your cart then go ahead and check out. You will have to pay shipping, but the rest of your orders will be free for the day. You will pay the least in shipping if you do it that way. Also note, some take longer to ship so pay attention to that. The shipping time has been my only con with working with them. Their customer service is beyond amazing! They always make it right.




Dark Blue 7 Seas


Rose 7 Seas


Beige Koifish


Rio Point


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