Jack Rogers Flash Sale

Good Morning Ladies,

I am going to be upfront with you, these are not the BEST deals that I find for Jack Rogers, BUT the variety on the main site far exceeds places like Ruelala (my honey hole)

My favorites are the Boating Jacks because they are a softer bottom that molds to my feet like my Rainbows do. I find the original jacks gorgeous but hard to stand in for a long period of time. I just tried the Lauren and you will want to size up in them about a half size. I also bought some of the booties but I should have sized up at least a half size in those as well.

I bought my mother a pair of the Suede Tassel Flats and she was instantly in love. Give and take a half size on them if you plan to wear the loafer socks or tights with them.

*Shoe Secret: If you have a smaller foot then you can wear youth sizes. I wear a size 6 in women’s so I can wear a 4Y in most shoes. They are usually cheaper and some brands have a thicker sole as well.

What are your favorites? What should I try next?



Eyelet Jacks (perfect for a wedding or graduation)


Lauren Sandal (size up a half size)


Boating Jacks (my favorite!)


Anice Suede Flat


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