My Target Style Haul 9/22

I am going to start doing random posts about what I find in the store when I venture out. The truth is, I am a hardcore online shopping because stores used to not carry clothes larger then a size 10. I am not a size 10 and haven’t been for a while. It always made me feel so bad when I saw so many cute clothes that were not even close to my size. I am proud to say that stores like Target and Old Navy have started carrying “plus size” (which still truly isn’t a plus size, a size 12 or 14 is average people). Yes, there are still tons of racks I have to skip by but I am happy to see stores are realizing that they were missing an entire market of women who want to feel beautiful too.

I am going to showcase what I find in my travels and how I would style the pieces together. Yesterday I went to Target to return some booties with my mom during my lunch break. Here are just a few pieces that we loved!

I am LOVING the new brand by Target, A New Day. Most of what is listed below is that brand.

A New Day: Available Exclusively at Target!

Lace T-Shirt – Xhilaration™ (Juniors’) Berry

I am sad that this shirt was only in Juniors so I am on the hunt for another one. I was afraid to try the XL. Hear me out on this lace top. If you wore a black, shift dress with wide or medium straps with this over the top… think holiday party. It elevates the dress to a whole other level. Pair them with some black pumps and you are good to go. I love the deep berry color. It makes it feel more sophisticated.

dress 1

Women’s Striped Shirt Dress

My mom fell in love with this dress. I found it a little short and would wear it more as a tunic top with leggings or skinny pants. The wrap does not go all the way around which is nice so the back stays flat and doesn’t come up. The bell sleeves are back in style right now. These have an opening so it stays out of your way.

Women’s Floral Applique Any Day Shirt

This was another favorite of my mom’s. The flower detailing really brought this plain work shirt to life. I would size up for more of a relaxed look for going out to brunch.

image2 (2)

Women’s Shine Any Day Tank

These shimmer tank tops were a fun change from the traditional “plain jane” tanks that we all wear. These would be great under a basic cardigan for work.

image1 (2)

I do not see this dress online yet but it is the A New Day brand so check your local Target store. This dress is so sweet. I will be doing another post later about how this blush color is one of the top colors for fall. It reminds me of a ballet slipper. I love the longer sleeves on this one. This would be a great dress to wear to a fall wedding with some blush or nude colors heels.


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