Creative DIY Halloween Costumes

Well it is that time of the year again. Halloween has sneaked up on us.

I love seeing the creativity that people have when it comes to costumes. One year, in middle school, I was a laundry basket. I redid the idea again I taught 2 year old toddlers. I much prefer to see a creative costume then a store bought one. I also prefer for the costume to be a little modest then many choose to create. That might be because of the horrible sights I saw while I was in college. Ladies, MODEST IS BETTER THEN SHOWING EVERYTHING YOU HAVE, trust me. 

Here are a few ideas that have come from my Pinterest searches. If you know me, I am OBSESSED with Pinterest so if you need any idea, find me. These ideas can mostly be worn to work if your office is having a party too. You can add your flair to any of them but I thought why not share some of my favorites. The operation game is my favorite this year.

Popcorn Costume , MedusaIce Cream Cone
 Cactus, The White Rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland” (instagram / @bunnybaubles), Operation (instagram / @britandco)
Pineapple , Arthur from PBS , Madaline


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